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All of the projects and activities of the Forum Neues Musiktheater— announcements, documentation, press reviews, biographies, and much more—can be found in this offline version of, current as of August 1, 2006.
  “Where in the world are there still places like this? It is a utopia of theater that I have discovered here for the first time.”
(Salvatore Sciarrino on the Forum Neues Musiktheater, in conversation with Detlef Brandenburg in Die Deutsche Bühne in June 2004)

The Forum Neues Musiktheater is the “opera house in the laboratory.” It offers a field of activity far from the obligations of a repertory theater, where new approaches may be tested and developed for the music theater of the twenty-first century. There has never been a center for interdisciplinary work in music theater like it anywhere in Europe.